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Environmental Factors that Affect Human Health

Environmental Factors that Affect Human Health

Environmental Factors that Affect Human Health: The environment has a major role to play in our physical health. The interaction between humans and the environment has been under continuous observation, and the risks related to the environment are seen to significantly impact our health. Humans expose themselves to harmful agents by directly or indirectly disrupting the life-sustaining ecosystems which affect our health.

How Does the Environment Affect Human Health?


Growing population and rapid development in the economies have resulted in incessant environmental degradation. Industrialization, spiraling agricultural activities, and cumulative usage of energy are some of the leading forces of environmental health issues. The main environmental hazards to human health in countries that are in their developing stages are because of poverty, absence of clean water, lack of public infrastructure, poor sanitization, and lack of health care system and all problems caused by industrial pollution. Nevertheless, the wealthier countries are not immune to health issues because of environmental problems – though their problems may be of a different nature when compared to the developing worlds.

What are the Environmental Factors that Cause Health Issues in Humans?
The food we eat, the air we breathe, the buildings we construct, the water we drink, the transport we use, and the neighborhood we live in – every aspect of our lives are connected to the environment, which can lead to health problems in humans because of our actions. 23% of global deaths have been recorded because of environmental factors. Here are some sources of environmental health problems: 
1. Polluted water is the carrier of life-threatening diseases. Tons of agricultural waste, industrial waste, sewage, and garbage is dumped in the water, which is the main cause of water pollution. It is difficult to get fresh drinking water that is free of any germs.
2. Overusing natural resources is leading to land erosion, which will soon cause an energy crisis. The chemicals emitted through these resources cause significant changes in the climate.
3. Growing population also leads to growth in transportation requirements. This doesn’t destroy natural habitats but also increases air pollution that causes different types of diseases.
4. Climatic changes are causing the snow-caps to melt. The Arctic ice-caps are melting, and they are causing floods, contaminating drinking water, releasing different types of viruses and germs that were buried under the snow for centuries. The global temperatures are rising, the summers have become intolerable and the storms are always destroying towns and cities.
5. Occupational hazards (biological hazards, chemical hazards, physical hazards, and psychosocial hazards)
6. The built environment (man-made structures, cities, parks, etc.) is causing deforestation. There are hundreds of species of plants and animals that are already extinct or on the verge of being extinct. Lesser tree means less oxygen – the emission of greenhouse gas is increasing and causing various diseases.
7. Waste production builds up the landfills that generate huge amounts of methane. This gas is one of the main causes of global warming and has always caused explosion hazards.

Health Problems Caused by the Environmental Issues:
The environmental hazards that we just spoke about can cause different types of diseases. Here are some examples of environmental health problems.
Polluted water – Diarrhoea, infections of throat, eye, ear, and nose. Polluted water also breeds mosquitoes that cause malaria, dengue, rickets, etc.

Polluted air – lung cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases
UV Rays – skin cancer, cataract, deficiency of Vitamin D which causes various diseases, melanoma, etc.
Smoke – asthma, ear infections, respiratory infections, heart diseases, low birth weight, etc.
Climate Change – including giardiasis, heatstroke, infectious diseases, cryptosporidiosis, and salmonellosis.

People who are already suffering from certain medical conditions are at high-risk to be exposed to environmental health issues. Therefore we must take drastic steps to make peace with our environment if we want to live a healthy life free from health issues caused by the environment we live in.

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