Sunday, 23 August 2020

How to Reduce Corona Risk at Workplace


How to Reduce Corona Risk at Workplace Coronavirus has changed our routine lives. The pandemic has changed the way we interact socially, encouraging social distancing, and wearing face masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Even though the pandemic has taken many lives, offices have resumed ensuring work and financial stability. But it is vital that the workplace is made safe for all the employees. Here are some steps that one must take to provide a safe working environment

1. Routine Cleaning of Workplace

All employers should make sure that the workspace is routinely cleaned and disinfected with appropriate disinfectants and surface cleaners. The cleaning agents must be used by following the directions on the label to promote maximum safety from the virus. Employees should be provided with wipes so that surfaces that are regularly used can be cleaned before every use.

2. Encourage Regular Hand Sanitization and Washing


Set up wallpapers for the office devices, send out circulars, emails, etc. reminding the employees to wash their hands regularly and sanitize them to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The recommended time for washing hands with soap is for 20 seconds. You can set up a demonstration session or upload a video in your office portal for everyone to see and follow the right way of washing hands. Make sure that there is enough soap near the washbasins, and every work desk must have a bottle of sanitizer. 

3. Discuss Travel Plans of the Employees


Speak to the employees about their travel plans. Ask them to check the health notices provided by the government of the respective destinations. Places that are heavily affected must be avoided; they must postpone or cancel the trip. All employees that return from trip must undergo a Covid-19 test and observe the required quarantine procedure if applicable. This way, the other workers will also stay safe.

4. Flexible Sick Leave Policy

Considering the current situation and the dangers of the virus silently affecting people, employers must make their sick leave policy somewhat flexible. People with fever, cold, cough, etc. should be encouraged to take sick leaves. You can permit them to work from home to avoid any loss of productivity. You can make and float a health policy for your office and its employees to follow.

 5. Some More Safety Tips to Follow in Office to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus:

·       The work desks should be atleast 1 metre apart from each other. This should be the same if there is a restaurant in the company. Employees should not share their lunch boxes or plates.

·        Discourage employees from using work desks, phones, equipment, tools, etc. of their co-employees. The coronavirus is known to transfer through surfaces also. 

·        The employees should be encouraged to report health concerns.

·        Respiratory etiquettes are of utmost importance! Sneezes and coughs should be covered.

·        Establish work shifts to keep fewer employees in the office to ensure the safety of all that are working in the office.

·        No company events or gatherings should take place. All important meetings must be held over video conferences.

·        All employees must wear face masks and maintain social distancing between their co-employees. The masks should be worn properly, ensuring that the mouth and nose are covered. 


Covid-19 is fatal, and thousands across the globe have already succumbed to this deadly virus. Therefore it is significant that the employers offer a safe working environment to all its employees while the employees take all the necessary steps to stay safe, keep others safe, and keep their working environment safe too. Following these steps above will help in reducing the spread of this virus. 

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