Sunday, 23 August 2020

The Emergence Of Home Workouts


The Emergence Of Home Workouts: Exercising at home is one such thing that should be adopted by all whether he is going out to the gym or not. It might be your busy work schedule, which is not allowing you to workout in the gym or at a proper fitness center. There is nothing to get disheartened as there are a lot many exercises which can be done at home and if performed regularly, will be equally effective as at the fitness center. Life can get busy, and you might think that you will start doing some fitness activity once you get stable at some position, but believe me, there is no such day when you will be fully satisfied with your work and goals. So it is important that you take care of your body as much as other things. Here we will discuss about what is a good home workout routine.

Before I tell you about the exercise, let us understand the importance of warm-up. If you do some jogging on the same spot or some jumping jacks are good enough to warm up your body so that there are no changes of any muscle tear. These are some of the recommended exercises for obese beginners at home. Here is a list of few home body workout and exercises to do at home which can be performed without any trainer:

Sit ups

The simplest amongst all exercises yet the most effective for your legs and the core strength required to build up the stamina. Four sets of sit-ups 15 each with 60 seconds of rest in between each rep for a month will make you feel strong inside out.



Four sets of crunches 15 each with a rest of 60 seconds between each rep for a month will make you feel light and stronger abdomen.

Toe touching

Doing two repetitions each of touching your toes for 10 seconds both in standing and sitting position with a rest of 60 seconds will make your back and legs stronger. Continue the same for a month.


For beginners, the push-ups are a must. Only 5 push-ups 3 times with a rest of 60 seconds for seven days and then 10 push-ups 3 times again with a rest of 60 seconds for next 21 days will make you realize the strength of your arm and then this would be the most loved home workout you will always look forward to.

Leg raising


It is another very simple exercise yet very effective. Both your abdomen and core strength get developed through this exercise. Raising your legs and holding them perpendicular to your back for 15 seconds and repeating the same 3 times with a rest of 60 seconds in between.


Lifting up your body parallel to the ground using the strength of your elbows and toes is an exercise that energies the whole body in one go and that’s why it looks difficult in starting but very effective once it is adapted in the daily routine. Doing similar planks for 30 seconds three times with a rest of 60 seconds in between will be very fruitful.

Side lying hip abduction


This is very important for those who sit the whole day in one place for work. Lie down on the floor with your left leg down and body resting on the left leg, thereafter lift your right leg up without letting your hips open. Repeat the same set now with the left leg with body rested now on the right leg. It’s a simple exercise for stretching your muscles.

These specific set of exercises are a few examples of home workouts without equipment so that you can keep yourself fit even if traveling is your business or late night are your shifts. Once you go through this article, it will make you think once again as why you were missing being fit when being fit is so easy.

Who are the right candidates for home workouts?

Home workouts are not for those who don’t have time or busy schedules, but it is for everyone who just wants to be fit. Home workouts not only will save your time but will make you crave for more and more exercises as this will not force you to go out of your schedule. Getting up in the morning or taking out time of 15 minutes in a day with the company of your soulful music can bring lots of happiness and fitness together. 15 minutes do make a lot of difference, remember beginning is the key to success.

Considering the present scenario across the globe, people are scared to move out of their homes to avoid getting COVID-19 infection. Also, a preventive measure is taken up by the government all across is to keep public places like gyms, theaters, etc.  closed to avoid spreading of infection. Home workouts are now not a choice but a need for everyone who wants to have a proper physique or fitness. People during this time are giving trending fitness challenges to their friends that they can do from their homes. Now everyone cannot have a home gym or all set of equipment at their place. Therefore the exercises which I have brought out are one of the best and finest to get rid of the extra pouch from your stomach and to build up your core strength.


Now that you have got an idea about home workout routine, gear yourself up, and get ready with your shoes. And if you are wondering if working out 10 minutes a day will make a difference, then the answer is YES! It’s not easy to get out of your comfort level or to convince yourself for exercise after a tiring day at the office. But believe you me, it’s only you who is going to look after your body. And the best part is that these home workouts can be done by both men and women. So take some time out, look into the mirror, push your sofa to the side, and start working out. Home workouts will only make you a more smiling and happy person and burn the extra calories that you have put up during these Work From Home sessions.

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