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The Switch To A Plant-Based Diet


The Switch To A Plant-Based Diet The number of people shifting to a plant-based diet has increased by a significantly high percentage. Reports claim that in the U.S alone, more than one-third of the consumers are focusing to eat more of plant-based food. A plant-based diet has many advantages, both health-wise and environment-related. It improves one's health, increases energy levels, and develops immunity against chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Mostly a plant-based diet is that form of diet in which one consumes only plant-sourced food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc. It also concentrates more on natural food instead of the processed ones. However, people often use the term to refer to a vegan diet as well. In this article, we will focus on some very important questions that might arise while one decides to switch to a plant-based diet.

What happens when you switch to a plant-based diet?

Before shifting to a plant-based diet, it is better to understand what to expect and what not to expect. Because if one knows what to expect, reaching the short term and long term goal and the process will motivate the person. So, this is what happens when you switch to a plant-based diet food list.

·   You will feel more energized compared to the drowsiness after a heavy dinner. This happens because more energy is required to digest an animal-based food item as they are high on fat and protein. On the other hand, if you consume plenty of nuts, whole grains, etc. you will remain energized for a longer period as they will give your body a mixture of micronutrients like healthy fats, proteins, complex carbs, etc.

·   It is more likely that you will not feel low on energy once you have completed shifted to a plant-based diet. This is because these foods are high on carbohydrates, which keeps your blood sugar level stable over time.

·   You might also feel more gassy than normal in the first few weeks, but it is absolutely normal, and you don't have to worry about it, and will go automatically once your body starts getting used to your new diet. This happens because of the increase in fiber intake and fresh produce in your body.

·   A lot of people see significant changes in their skin in the first few months, and their acne clears up. But it is very crucial at this point that you have planned your meals and you are sticking to your diet plan.

·   It is also important that you take supplements of nutrients like Vitamin D, Calcium, and Vitamin B12, which you have been getting from your animal-based diet. In addition to this, you can also get out in the Sun to get the Vitamin D intake for your body.

How long does it take to adjust to a plant-based diet?


While changing a diet, you need to be mentally ready for it, as you know, the mind controls the body. As you start, eventually, your body will start showing symptoms like gas, and you will use the toilet more frequently. Many people who have taken this road and successfully overcome it mention that they considered it a day-to-day challenge.  And that is when your determination and dedication come into the picture. You can set short term and long term goals accordingly, so achieving them will keep you up. In the first few days, you might have to take a rough road, and you might feel like quitting. But if you stick to your meal plans, you will start seeing the differences within the first few weeks itself. And once you start to feel the positive changes in your body, you will never look back.

How do I switch to a mostly plant-based diet?


Although you can make up your mind overnight and shift to a plant-based diet, it is advisable to take it slow and steady. Here is how you can make a sustainable change in your diet plan.

·         Find out the motivation for which you want to shift, it may be because you want to lose weight, or due to any health issue, better health or environmental reasons, etc.

·         Look for real-life examples; it may be a celebrity, athlete, or someone you closely know. Knowing their story will keep you motivated.

·         Whenever you are in a grocery shop, look for a plant-based food item as a replacement to your previous animal-based food.

·         Take up one meal a day as a start.

·         Slowly replace one food item at a time, for example, you can start with replacing eggs with a plant-based food item.

·         Plan your meal and look out for plant-based diet recipes.

·         Look out for what you can eat, instead of looking out for what you can’t eat.

·         And treat yourself to a good plant-based meal in a good restaurant.


A plant-based diet has a lot of benefits, especially if you are looking to have a healthy life free from diseases. But you should not take it up just because you think it is a trend. Find your motivation and do your research before you commit yourself to it. In the meanwhile keep eating healthy and keep eating greens.

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